The Business Magnate is an exciting multi-player board game. This is an Alpha Version so any suggestions on how to improve the game is welcomed.

To play the game, you just need to click on the button below.

Game Play

Four players also known as investors will start the game with $5000 capital. 

In the game, players take turn to roll a dice to move around the game board. Players get the chance to buy business, receive dividends from the businesses that they own and purchase products and services from other businesses that are owned by other players.

Players get to choose to end the game when there is only one player with positive net worth left or the player with the highest net worth after a pre-determined number of years will win the game.

Number of Players

Up to four players can be controlled by human players. If there are less than four human players, the other players will be controlled by the computer.

Play Now!

Pick one of the cute characters to dominate an industry or the entire business world and become a BUSINESS MAGNATE!

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